Video Detection Systems (VFDS)

Alarm Eye VFD System

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AlarmEye®  VFD system is a unique product used to identify smoke and flame at its source over great distances. The system utilises a bespoke camera that uses an innovative detection method which incorporates UVIR technology to confirm both smoke and flame in the field of view.


The camera can instantly detect and transmit images in real time for instant verification and confirmation of an incident.


The Alarm Eye camera is specifically designed for hazardous environments.  A variety of camera options are available for areas which require intrinsically safe and explosion proof equipment such as; fuel storage and petrochemical production sites and chemical processing plants.


System Architecture

The Alarm Eye® VFD system is completely equipped to operate independently and contains an embedded DSP intelligent algorithm, a RS485 com port camera and output relay connection making it compatible with a conventional fire alarm system.  As well as having the ability to be deployed within a larger network surveillance system.


The Alarm Eye® VFD system also offers a digital video recording server called,” FireDVRTM”,. This system can be incorporated into the system and be configured to record all images from the existing CCTV system.


Alarm Eye System Environments

About VFDS

VFDS is now firmly established worldwide as making a major contribution to improve fire safety. It is used extensively in areas that have traditionally been the most challenging for fire safety professionals (such as large voluminous areas) to provide the earliest possible detection of fire.


VFDS ensures fast detection of a fire incident at its source, with the incident visible to the user enabling appropriate action to be taken in the shortest possible time.  The technology, which has been developed over many years, can utilise standard CCTV cameras (usually existing CCTV security installations) and is an extremely cost effective solution.


Installations can now be monitored remotely using internet capable devices allowing 24 hour monitoring from around the globe and 24 hour a day fast response, remote testing and diagnosis of the system, whilst also ensuring easier integration with security and facilities management systems.


Why VFDS is needed?


Video Fire Detection Systems biggest advantage is that it detects fire at the source, whatever the camera can see the system can detect.


In the case of large voluminous areas thermal barrier and stratification are the two biggest causes of conventional detection systems missing alarms.