Barometric Fire Detection Systems


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How It Works


The Transafe ADW thermal fire detector analyses the physical change in volume of gases and temperature fluctuations in the systems copper sensor tube.


A fully electronic pressure transducer calculates the absolute pressure in the sensor tube. By adjusting the on-board sensors the response behaviour of the detector can be adjusted precisely to the detection requirements.


A test motor with a pressure pump generates an intentional, exactly defined excess pressure in the sensor tube at regular intervals.


If the measured value of the pressure sensor does not correspond to the required value, for example due to a leak or compression of the tube, a fault indication occurs.


ADW Environments

Barometric linear thermal fire detection with intelligent signal evaluation is specifically designed for harsh and toxic environments such as;


 •  Floating fuel tanks.

 •  Bunded storage areas.

 •  Chemical production.

 •  Toxic atmospheres.




 •  Optimal response behaviour in every application.

 •  Resistant to external influences.

 •  Programmable pre-alarm.

 •  Low maintenance expenditure thanks to fully-automatic testing device.