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The Freeze Master

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The Freeze Master is not just an alternative to draining down. It represents a fast, clean, efficient and highly professional new service for you to offer your customers.


The Freeze Master Flotec Kit is designed to take all the guesswork out of pipe freezing. It indicates if water is moving when attempting to freeze the water in the pipe.


The Flotec Kit has two digital temperature probes, which you attach to the pipe on either side of a freeze head. If the water is moving slowly through the freeze point it will cool. This will register on the down stream probe as a lower reading than the upstream probe.


“When you can’t afford to shut down the mains”



Freeze Master

Freeze Master will freeze pipes from 8mm to 61mm. It will freeze copper, iron, lead or plastic pipes.

The Freeze Master is safe to use.


You can leave the machine unattended, and as long as it is connected to the mains, the freeze will continue indefinitely. Unlike a gas freezing method, where a cylinder may run out, with Freeze master there is no danger of ice melting and flooding.








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