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Speech Intelligibility Testing Service

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In an emergency is your speech intelligible?


The AFE Intelligibility Testing Service is for sound systems and intercom systems used for emergency purposes (EWIS).


Australian Standards 1670.4 & 1851 Requires Intelligibility Testing of all EWIS at Commissioning and on a regular basis.


AFE trained staff will attend your site with an approved Portable digital Speech Intelligibility meter, and provide you with

written results.

 •  Results come in CIS, STI or PI format.

 •  Conforms to Australian Standards AS 1670.4 and AS 1851.


Commissioning – AS1670.4 - Sound Systems for Emergency. Australian Standards require as per Section 4.3.6 Intelligibility at all places within the zone where ambient noise figures are less than 85dB(A), the speech transmission index (STI) shall be >0.5.






Speech Intelligibility Testing Service

The rating of speech intelligibility shall be in accordance with the Common Intelligibility Scale (CIS) method of AS 60849, measured in accordance with Appendix A. The average speech shall not exceed 110dB(A).




The Australian Standards require as per

AS1851 - Part 9 - Page 106 - Section 2.19

Every 3 Years


Speech intelligibility


Undertake tests to ensure intelligibility in all areas of the building meets the requirements of the Standard to which the system was installed.